Indian sports center (ISC) to attempt a guinness world record

Indian sports center (ISC) to attempt a guinness world record

The Indian Sports Center (ISC), an apex body under the Aegis of the Embassy of India, is planning on creating a Guinness World Record for Maximum Nationalities in a Yoga Lesson.

The event is to showcase to the world the diversity of the expatriate community in the country and the harmonious lifestyle here. This International Event is planned to be held on Friday, the 18th of March 2022 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM at Katara Cultural Village, their venue partners.

The Event is planned to add sparkle to the celebrations the State of Qatar is gearing up to welcome the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. “This mega event is also aimed to demonstrate the solidarity of the expatriate community to the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 and our excitement to welcome the world into our second home” said Dr. Mohan Thomas, President of the ISC.

Ms. Nisha Agarwal, the MC member in-charge for Yoga, provided a detailed description on the procedure of the event which consisted of a simple demonstration of a yoga lesson for a duration of approximately 30 minutes. Mr. Cyril Anand, MC member requested the support of the media and community of the various expatriate nationalities residing in Qatar to make this event a grand success and create the World Record.

In accordance with current COVID protocols, the event will be a restricted event, with registration for a nationality being closed after the first three participants. Mr. Sheji Valiyakath, Vice President of ISC delivered the Vote of Thanks at the end of the meeting.